Use Cases


Problem: Interaction between most banks and their customers regarding buying and selling different assets are not always optimized or even done with modern technology.

Solution: Eye Capital’s [QtAi]ec platform allows institutions to:

  • Use Eye Capital’s buy and sell signals to trade your own portfolios.
  • Build a RoboAdvisor interface based on AI so clients can get real time signals for different assets listed in any market around the world.
  • Build portfolios based on Risk Level.
  • Automatize trades.


Problem: Artificial Intelligence is a cutting edge technology widely used in the financial arena, but too expensive to implement.

Solution: Eye Capital’s exclusive products and services allow asset managers and private investors to:

  • Train most sophisticated AI and Deep Learning Algorithms through our platform gaining competitiveness
  • Develop new modules or parametrize the existing ones.
  • Build portfolios based on AI.
  • Use Eye Capital’s recommendations and predictions to enhance Quantamental approaches.