About Us

Since 2017 Eye Capital has become a leading Fintech company demonstrating our commitment to innovation bringing cutting-edge technology to the Financial Markets.

Eye Capital’s long-standing expertise in Algorithmic Trading, Software Engineering and Data Science allows us to offer a set of exclusive and customized products and services to institutional and private investors.

Our leadership team and unique services have differentiated Eye Capital from other companies creating a modern approach on how we understand data and get new insights in the design of new strategies based on Artificial Intelligence and with a Quantamental and MetaQuant Method.


Our team is built upon a scientific signature of brilliant minds sharing their expertise in a collaborative environment.


Our philosophy and code of ethics is synonym of a transparent market for everyone. As a community, we embrace the highest standards to improve our business and your profits far beyond.


Our passion for innovative technology based on Artificial Intelligence is the core that makes us forefront trustworthy problem solvers in the financial arena.

For further information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us